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1958 Fender Deluxe

One owner, uncirculated, untouched, 100% original Fender Deluxe amplifier. Chassis taken out for photos. Speaker and bottom panel have not been removed. Brought up carefully over 14 hours on variac. 

There is dust on front bottom lip of tweed that we will remove at buyer's request. This amplifier sold as-is, as found. 

Drop by Black Book Guitars in Portland, Oregon to give it a spin.  

Identification codes: tube chart-HJ, chassis-HJ, chassis serial-D06179, Jensen P12R-220837, Triad power transformer-6452L, Triad output transformer 108, rectifier tube 5Y3GT RCA 58-35, power tubes 6V6GT Sylvania 8-52, preamp tube 12AX7 GE 58-48, 12AY7 GE 58-48. Signed assembly tape by Lilly.