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1948 Fender Champion 800

This 1948 Fender Champion 800 amplifier is a well preserved example from Leo Fender's legacy, made in Fullerton, California.  It's also the first version of the iconic Champ Amp. About 100 were made. 

Serial number 1012 is handwritten on the tube chart which is fully intact inside the finger jointed pine cabinet. The tolex, grill cloth, and sturdy leather handle is original. The transformers are original, power transformer is labelled Triad 6500 built in Los Angeles, California. The 8" Jensen Alnico 5 speaker is original with a date code of 22088. Control panel is grey-green hammerloid panel with white screened lettering. 

This amplifier has been serviced with new caps and a three prong cord for safety. It sounds glorious - signature Fender tweed tone. I like that this early version sports an eight inch speaker (the speaker changed to a six inch the following year). Demo it against our other vintage Fender tweed amps in our showroom located in Portland, Oregon. 

Tom Wheeler writes in his book Soul of Tone, "The earliest is the exceedingly rare Champion 800 in the gray lined covering." This example would make a great addition to anyone's collection.