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1970 Marshall Super Lead Bass

cordCustom color Marshall 100w head found in original condition, preserved under original cover. This amplifier was brought up slowly on variac in shop. It's ready for you to demo in Portland, Oregon.  

Sticker residue over the 'Bass' shows this amplifier sold as a 'Lead' model. Preamp tubes are British Brimar 12AX7, output tubes are American 6CA7. The 6CA7 is the American version of an EL34. Original 2 prong cord can be replaced with three prong by request. 

A rare opportunity to purchase a well preserved custom color Marshall 100w in original condition. Sold as-is condition, will need service to bring up to tip-top operating condition. 

Rosemary signed chassis with 27/8/70 test date. 

SB/A 8030A