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1970 Hiwatt DR504

New arrival. 1970 Hylight era Hiwatt DR504 utilizing a pair of EL34 power valves. Pots date 1969. Original Partridge transformers. Fully serviced, sounding big and bold. One filter cap moved to enlarged chassis hole (between V1 and V2) during recap. No extra holes on front panel or back panel. 

'Custom Built' indicated on plexi faceplate. This example built during the Hylight era when Dave Reeves was building custom amps for local artists. #742 built for Pete Townshend, #743 built for the Soft Machine. Customer of this #746 remains a mystery.

Original back panel included. Own a piece of British rock and roll history. Available to demo through Fane or Celestion loaded cabs in our store located in Portland, Oregon. Call 503-236-2274 with questions.