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1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp

Fender Princeton Reverb Amp, made in 1967 with black face circuit.  A duet of 6V6 power tubes pushes a 1x10" speaker making this the perfect compact gigging and recording amplifier. Sound is tight and punchy, with lush tube driven reverb on tap. 

Model: Princeton Reverb -Amp AA764

Serial: A 14836

Tube chart date: QD (April 1967)

Transformer codes: 022772 606-6-14, 022913 606-6-25, 022921 8316637. All transformers original and clean dating 1966

Speaker: Fender labelled Oxford ceramic (vintage era replacement speaker)

Tolex and grill cloth are original with signs of use. Tube chart is intact. Chassis is clean and rust free. This amplifier has been well maintained with service including three prong cord. 

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