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1967 Fender Dual Showman Don Wilson

(Owned by Don Wilson of The Ventures)

In the 1960s, guitarists found themselves needing more and more power to keep up with the demands of larger stages and bigger sounds, which is why The Ventures among countless other groups used the Dual Showman amplifier. With high power circuitry and a matching 2x15 cab, this amp was perfectly catered to rock the stadiums The Ventures were playing in the late 60s. This particular model features a re-tolex and re-grille job done on Don Wilson’s part, as the band had a penchant for a sparkling clean stage look, with shiny, new amps and guitars as part of their trademark aesthetic.

-Four 6L6 power tubes
-Four preamp tubes
-Dual channels (Normal and Vibrato)
-Re-tolex, re-grille 
-Speaker jack #2 modified to line out 
-Transformer codes- 022756/606701, 022889/8316605, 022699/606640

 Speaker cab:

Non-Fender 2x15 cab loaded with JBL grey frame alnico speakers