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1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb Nickel

Fender's most desirable 'grab and go' amp featuring two channels of AB763 blackface tone, one 12" speaker, reverb, and tremelo. This example is in clean collector grade condition. 

This amp features a rare nickel plated chassis. It's beautiful against the clean Schumacher transformers. The tubes appear to original RCA and Mullard brand (all codes documented and available). It came to us with the original cover, which protected the tolex and grill cloth.

I doubt it has ever been serviced, as it still retains original caps and two prong power cord. The amp sounds strong and fully functional as-is, however we recommend service for safety. We would be happy to accommodate a service for you.

Drop by our showroom located in Portland, Oregon to demo this amp. Follow us on instagram - blackbookguitars -for new arrivals. 

Schumacher transformer codes: 025130 606-6-07, 125C3A 606-6-02, 125A1A 606-5-52, 125A20B 606-5-47. 

Oxford speaker code: 12K5-6 465-545 (45th week 1965)cone:P4561

Tube chart: Deluxe Reverb Amp AB763 - stamped 'PC' (March 1966)