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1958 Fender Princeton 5F2-A

This Fender 5F2-A tweed 'Big Box' Princeton Amp offers 5-6 watts from one 6V6 output tube through a 8” alnico speaker in a finger jointed pine cab. This example features a naturally aged original tweed covering. The sound is authentic golden era Fender tweed tone. It's been well maintained and serviced (recapped, three prong cord added, quality handle added). Two extra holes were drilled into the chassis (speaker out and preamp socket) and holes drilled into bottom back panel. Triad transformers are original. 

Drop by our showroom to demo this classic tone machine. Demo videos are available. 

Date codes:

Tube chart rubber stamp: HH (August 1958) 

Oxford 8EV-29 Alnico 8" speaker 4 ohm 465-945 (45th week 1959) 

Pot codes 137820 (20th week 1958)

Serial number P02751 stamped into chassis and hand written on tuber chart. 

Local pickup in Portland , Oregon. Call 503-236-2274 or email for shipping options.