Vintage 47 & D.B. Fillmore Reverb Unit

Combo amplifier and stand alone reverb unit from Vintage 47. Unique circuit and tone modeled after vintage amps of yesteryear. Used condition, wear in tweed shown in photos. 

From the Vintage 47 Amp website:

Twin Speaker Supreme:

* 22 watt class AB push pull circuit.

* Cathode biased - No biasing required

* GZ34 rectifier, 6SL7 inverter, 6SQ7 NOS metal jacketed preamp and 2 - 5881 power tubes.

* 2 times 6" x 9" Vintage 47 speakers.

* Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.

* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.

* Point to point hand wired circuit.

* 15" tall x 15.5" wide x 8" deep weighing in at 26 Lbs.

DB Fillmore Reverb Unit:  

Loosely based on the 1966 Premier 90 Reverb design and inspired by Bill Grahams original Fillmore Auditorium sound.  I started with the basic P-90 circuit, added a 5Y3 tube rectifier in place of the diode rectified original power supply, upgraded the now obsolete tubes to current reissue readily available JJ-5Y3, JJ-6V6 and 6SL7 then made the fix modifications that we techs do on the originals Premier –90’s. Finally a natural room reverb with none of that cave/pipe echo surf vibe!

15 1/2” W x 9 1/2” H x 8” D and weighs  14.8  pounds