Victoria Champ 518-T

Experience superior quality amp build with Victoria's 518-T. Handwired in the USA with quality components in a neat fashion like of a 1950s tweed Champ. Single ended design utilizing one 8" Jensen alnico speaker. 

This example is in like new condition with a great used price. 

From the manufacturer:

The 518 is a tribute to the Fender 5F1 Champ from the 1950s. After 40 years, this little gem continues to delight players from being an outstanding practice and studio amp. This is a perfect choice for club dates when paired with an efficient external speaker cabinet. Did you know that the original '50's Champ has been the mainstay of many of the Stones recorded tracks for decades.

From Interview with Mark regarding use of output transformer:

“Chicago Music Exchange did a Champ shoot-out with Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, with Jeff’s original Champs and one of mine. They told me, ‘Mark, yours was just the best! Tweedy couldn’t believe how much better the Victoria sounded!’” And the key to the tonal splendour of Baier’s Champ (dubbed the 518 in Victoria speak)? “This is one of those dirty little secrets, but my Champ amp is my only reproduction amp that is not 100 per cent honest to the original, in that we use a much larger output transformer, and we beef up the rating on the cathode resistor to the power tube. The output transformer’s the size of a tweed Super output transformer, but it’s a single-ended transformer, it’s a big piece of iron. The output transformer on the originals is the size of a peanut.” All of that translates into the Vicky Verb, along with the great-sounding buffered effects loop of the Sovereign head and – voila! – the result is an amp that has quickly won a lot of favour among studio and small-club players. “Put in a 6L6 and a GZ34 rectifier and you can easily take it to the next blues jam,” Baier declares."