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Henry SRT+


Henry SRT+ in lightly used condition with cover. #157. Clone of a rare 1964 Vox AC10.

Demo this amp in our showroom located in Portland, Oregon. Call or email us anytime!


All-tube handwired amplifier, 10 watts RMS clean, 18w pushed (22w peak)

3-way input sensitivity toggle

Pull-Boost Gain feature

2x EL84 cathode-biased output tubes

1x ECC83/12AX7 preamp/tremolo tube

1x ECC832/12DW7 reverb drive/recovery tube

1x ECC823 phase inverter tube

1x EZ81 rectifier tube

Dual speaker outputs with 3-way rotary impedance selector (4/8/16 ohms)

Custom hand-wound Heyboer transformers used exclusively

Head dimensions: 20”L x 9”H x 8”D, 25 lbs

Head $1995.00 US (new)