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Henry SRT+

Inspired by an ultra-rare amplifier from the peak of the British Invasion era, Henry Amplification set out to achieve the unique character of that amp in a modern package. All quality parts used with this boutique build! Includes foot switch. 

Check out two video demoes presented by: Premier Guitar Henry SRT+ on YouTube, The Doug and Pat Show Henry SRT+ on YouTube 


All-tube handwired amplifier, 18 watts

Footswitchable bias-vary tremolo & tube-driven spring reverb

2x EL84 cathode-biased output tubes

1x ECC83/12AX7 preamp/tremolo tube

1x ECC832/12DW7 reverb drive/recovery tube

1x ECC823 phase inverter tube

1x EZ81 rectifier tube

Custom hand-wound Heyboer transformers