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Benson Delay

Inspired by classic bucket brigade delay pedals, Benson Amps developed their very own delay unit - and it sounds absolutely remarkable. Built around a PT2399 chip that's been fine-tuned to achieve an extensive array of rich, gooey delay tones, this stompbox has a sound to suit any occasion. Check it out today if you've been searching for a top-notch analog delay pedal with tons of tone-shaping potential!

With five knobs and two footswitches, the Benson Amps Delay pedal grants musicians the power to sculpt their signal with the utmost precision. To start, hold down the BYPASS switch for two seconds, then press the TAP/HOLD switch. This allows users to set the LFO waveform (sine, square, or random) and the tap divisions (quarter, dotted eighth, and eight.) Once you've laid the foundation, you'll be ready to explore a whole new dimension of delay.

So, what sets the Benson Amps Delay pedal apart from other units? It has a highly musical character that's colorful and floaty, with a unique and chaotic degradation that adds texture and life to its tone. But that can all be adapted with the turn of a knob. By adjusting the FEEDBACK and DELAY TIME (ranging from 30ms to 1250ms), users can create gorgeous delays, rapid vibratos, lush choruses, and slow, haunting effects that delve into sonic bedlam.

Adventurous players can hold down the tap footswitch to boost feedback into their signal, creating wild, self-oscillating sounds. They'll also love experimenting with the LFO's incredible range and depth that allows it to nail all the fan-favorite delay effects - flutter, warble, seasick - you name it. And, to top it all off, the Benson Delay uses Bontempo technology to give it the most accurate tap tempo ever used on a PT2399.

Whether you're a gigging guitarist seeking an ultra-advanced analog delay pedal or need a highly versatile unit that can adapt to any performance environment, the Benson Amps Delay is an extraordinary stompbox that can handle any challenge.

Type: Analog Delay
Power Requirements: Center Negative 9VDC
Current Draw: 100ma