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1996 Lindert Bass VI

Early production handmade Locomotive VTB-46 six string bass with unique look from Charles Lindert. Made in USA. 30” scale length, like most short-scale basses, using standard tuning (EADGBE) one octave lower than a guitar. Clean all original condition. Fresh set up included new strings, fret polish, rosewood board oiled, truss rod adjust, intonation. Pickups are crisp and clear, measuring 5.38 K in neck and 5.35 K in bridge. Comfortable weight at 8 lb 12.6 oz. This bass VI is ready for studio or stage. Unique look and tone.

1996 Neck and body date. 

From Wikipedia: Lindert got advise from Freddie Tavares, a steel guitar player and instrument designer with a long experience in the field (as, per example, he was the man playing the bending steel guitar whine in the opening of the Looney Tunes cartoon song or his work with Leo Fender in the design of the Stratocaster model).

Tavares explained Lindert about the importance of making an instrument with such grade of originality that allowed it to be identifiable with the Lindert's name. As Lindert himself described: ...finally, I just had my hand resting on the paper, with my thumb kind of sticking up, and I looked down and I saw it, and I said "That’s it!", it was the beginning for the characteristic "thumbs up" symbol that identified the brand.