1957 Fender Telecaster

From country twang to hard rock, many music genres have had their sound defined by the Fender Telecaster's unique tone. This Telecaster is player's grade with a body refin and a few changed parts.  

Body: Refinished to natural. There is a chip in body at upper neck pocket. 

Neck: Maple neck in original finish with spaghetti Fender logo. Refretted with larger frets. Nut has been replaced. 

Pickups/Electronics: Original single coil pickups strong at 6.54 (neck) and 6.77 (bridge). Pots date late 1957. 

Cosmetic Condition: Plenty of honest play wear, dings, checking. Well loved. 

Playability: Frets show some play wear, but plenty of life left. Nice medium action. Notes ring out clear and true throughout the fretboard.

Modifications/Repairs: Body refin, refret, replaced tuners, replaced pickguard, replaced bridge saddles. 

Weight: 7lbs 4oz

Case: Fender tweed hard case (era reproduction). 

This item is an as-is consignment. Feel free to call us with any questions