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1984 Fender Super Champ

Clean and original Fender Super Champ from Fullerton, California. Includes original foot switch and aftermarket cover. Many consider this to be the most collectable Riveria designed circuit for Fender. It's 18 watts of pure tube power housed in a 1x10 champ sized cabinet. Controls are volume (pull for lead), treble (pull for mid boost), bass, reverb, lead level, master. Two channels are controlled via foot switch. Onboard accutronics 3-spring tube powered reverb. The perfect amplifier for the studio or stage!

Serial number F414716. Speaker 064121, 678424 (24th week 1984). Transformers 022921 606415 (15th week 1984), 022913 606431 (31st week 1984), A019118 606433 (33rd week 1984)

All tubes are made in USA including GE 6v6GTA power tubes. 1x 7025, 1x 12AT7, 1x 6C10 Triple triode and 2x 6V6